Your business embraced

At Qvantor Magyarország Kft., we provide comprehensive business advice and a variety of related administrative services to clients that include high net worth individuals, wealthy families and entrepreneurs internationally. We act as the hub for clients, embracing their businesses to identify needs, analyse corporate strategies and do our utmost to deliver efficient, tailor-made solutions. In this context, we make it our business to understand the objectives of our clients and we undertake to deliver.

Our commitment secured

We offer independent and unbiased advice and assistance to our clients on business management issues, including corporate, strategic and organisational planning as well as related administrative services.

We assist in identifying and assessing ways to maximise our clients’ existing resources by using tools to achieve their goals in terms of financial planning, as well as in the context of day-to-day administrative services. Within this framework, we take a thorough approach in assessing our clients´ affairs and assist them in identifying the direction and scope of their activities, in order to realise objectives set.

We work in the very best interest of our clients and aim at building a strong relationship with them and their external advisors, since those are of particular importance in making the planning processes work. In doing so, we have successfully established a strong network with professionals in foreign jurisdictions, which gives us and our clients access to expertise internationally.

In performing our work and servicing our clients, our commitment is secured.

Solution delivered

In going along with our clients throughout the processes of meeting their goals, we take a big-picture view of our clients´ affairs. Since clients´ business affairs are increasingly spanning several jurisdictions and complex business environment, the necessity for sophisticated cross-border advice is further enhancing. We address this necessity and make resources available to deliver solutions that are relevant and of benefit to our clients, unveiling complexity.

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